May and June are months glittered with momentous occasions.  One milestone event that truly cannot be missed is graduation.  Whether from nursery school or from medical school, recognizing that student's achievement is an opportunity to celebrate those moments of success and validation.  They've earned it!  It's time to say goodbye (at least, for now) to those late night study groups, last minute projects, and cramming for final exams. And say, 'HELLO GRADUATE!'

Check out raine.with.love's exclusive line of cards to greet your graduate.  Near or far, let the grad(s) in your life know how proud you are.

Each card offers a blank canvas inside for you to write your thoughts.  Share some words of wisdom or encouragement or a simple congrats.

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  1. LOVE your CARDS, Raine!! I'm a fan and shall be here checking for more :)