Power to the Paper!

So I went to the Paper Power National Stationery Show last weekend.  This is the ultimate event for all things paper.  It was their 65th year at the Jacob Javits Center but my first time attending.  Every year, the NSS holds conventions, setting up hundreds of booths that house an array of vendors.  From paper suppliers, to letterpress companies, to greeting card designers, to patterned paper makers, to tool suppliers, they were ALL there. 

I was accompanied by my friends Nikki Fregara, a fellow cardmaker, and Sara Wang.  We were all very excited that this day had finally come, being that we are all paper enthusiasts.  Upon our entrance into the exhibit, we were greeted with a Paper Power info magazine, then up the escalator we went.  As our ascent ended, BOOM!  There we were, in awe of a company that specializes in amazing pop-up books and greeting cards.  The floor abounded with numerous booths showcasing some remarkable products.  We were a bit overwhelmed.  We managed to make our rounds and even collected some catalogues, paper samples, and free shopping bags!  Whoo-hoo!  I couldn't take any photos of the actual booths with their merchandise, but I was able to capture these incredible and creative dress displays. 

Doesn't this look like leather?

Dresses made out of paper, of course!  There was a long red carpetted walkway staged with mannequins decked out in designer paper.  It was brilliantly titled "The Paper Runway." 


Check out the paper puppy!

Resort/swimwear and citrus paper purse

Overall, the show was a memorable experience full of imagination and inspiration.  The possibilities of paper are astounding.  Can't wait 'til next year!

Until then, the next event not to be missed is the 25th Annual Craft Fair in Edison, NJ on Saturday, June 25, 2011.  Save the date!  Details to come!



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